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What Does It Mean When You Lie In A Dream?

When you lie in a dream to someone it is a negative sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will see sudden problems in life due to certain sins committed earlier. It also means financial problems. When you lie to someone in your dreams it also means your unwillingness to help someone or to do something because you consider it will be a burden. It also means you will make silly excuses to keep people away.

When you lie in a dream and you know the person means you will have hidden agendas and motives. It also means you will get into some kind of deals or relationship and you will want to hide it from others. It also means trying to avoid financial related matters in near future with people.

When you lie in a dream and if it is a stranger then it means you will be not be showing sympathy or empathy to people. You will be selfish and want to protect your interests.

When you lie in a dream and you wake up terrified or crying means legal issues or a mistake or accident you caused will result in confrontation with authorities.