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Unique Beliefs Of Sanatana Dharma

There are certain beliefs which are basic and unique to Sanatana Dharma.

  • The belief that the atma is superior to the body is the main belief.
  • The conviction that the atma must strive for moksha.
  • The belief in repeated births until the atma is finally liberated.
  • The belief that God alone can liberate us.
  • The belief that the liberated soul is never reborn.
  • Sanatana Dharma shows us that Bhagavan can be reached, if we try to reach Bhagavan.
  • The Supreme Truth, Brahman, has no beginning and end.
  • All jivatmas are born due to their karma, and what they face in life is a result of their karma.
  • Every atma must resort to a way to reach God. God Himself has given us many choices in this respect. We can resort to karma yoga, bhakti yoga or gnana yoga, or Saranagati, to reach Him. And this should be our aim in life. Moksha is the goal we should work towards.