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Teachings From Atma Vidya Vilasa of Swami Sadasiva Brahmendra

A collection of teachings from Atma Vidya Vilasa of Swami Sadasiva Brahmendra

The supreme Self shines as incomparable, eternal, actionless, impartite, beyond the control of Maya, free from the three gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas), formless, beyond all wrong conceptions, pure, and consciousness itself.

Bound by his own ignorance alone, performing various actions, the individual remains deluded. By good fortune he is freed from bondage by the knowledge of the self as a result of contemplation and emerges victorious.

Sleeping because of Maya, the individual sees thousands of dreams. An exceptional individual is awakened from this sleep by the instruction of his Guru and shines in the ocean of bliss.

Giving up the state of ignorance and attaining one's own nature which is existence-consciousness-bliss by the compassionate glance of the great Guru, and thus attaining a high state, the enlightened person enjoys bliss.

The contemplative person whose mind is immersed in his own nature which is existence-consciousness-bliss by the grace of his Guru, is enlightened and revels, free from the notion of “I-ness's, his mind brimming with happiness.

Having mentally decided that this whole world is insubstantial, being only the product of Maya, he (the enlightened person) moves about without any expectation, free from pride, conceit and envy.

In the pure Self there is no Maya or its effects at all. The yogi who has come to this definite conclusion is full of supreme bliss within.

Devoid of conceits (or distinctions) in the form I's and you's, happily accepting the varied behaviour of people, he sports alone, like a child, immersed in the ocean of pure bliss.

The great ascetic, who has been cleansed of all accumulated karma, roams about in the interiors of forests ever reveling in the Self, appearing outwardly like an idiot, or a deaf or blind man.

The knower of Brahman enjoys on the beautiful cot of his own bliss, alone, totally concealed (unknown to the world) because of his quiet nature, free from desire for all other knowledge.

The great ascetic, having uprooted the enemy in the form of (desire for) sense-objects, and acquired the great wealth that is detachment, reigns supreme in his own kingdom that is in the form of the glorious bliss that is his own nature.