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Swami Sadasiva Brahmendra Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Sadasiva Brahmendra.

Even if the sun's rays become cold, or the moon becomes hot, or a flame goes downward, the Jivanmukta is not astonished, knowing that all this is only Maya.

The person who has acquired supreme self-control sports in the extremely beautiful abode of bliss, having conquered the enemy in the form of ignorance, and mounted on the elephant of knowledge.

A rare person who enjoys the state of existence-consciousness-bliss shines, free from the defect of ego, with mind well concentrated, cool like the full moon.

Immersed in the enjoyment of his own natural bliss, residing in some other abode (in the body which he does not look upon as his), he sometimes meditates, sometimes sings, sometimes dances, at will.

The enlightened one, untouched by the taint of sin, free from worldly resolutions and confusions, who has negated the assemblage of effects (i.e., realized that the products of Maya have no reality), remains established in the fullness (of Brahman).

Having trapped successfully the fickle deer that is the mind in the net of meditation, tired of roaming about in the forest of the Vedas, the wise one rests in his own nature. (He fixes his mind on the Self, withdrawing even from the study of the Vedas when he has acquired the knowledge that is contained in them).

An extraordinary person, having killed the cruel tiger that is the mind with the sharp blade of the sword that is the brave intellect, roams about at will in the forest that is fearlessness.

The sun in the form of a great ascetic free from blemish moves in the sky that is pure consciousness, spreading out his rays which make the lotuses in the form of the hearts of the good blossom.

The great yogi shines in the sky of pure consciousness, removing the sorrows in the minds (of others) by the sprinkling of the nectar in the form of his own natural bliss and with his own mind remaining firm without any other thoughts.

He sports in the garden of bliss-consciousness, with all fatigue removed by the spreading of the lovely fragrance of his pure mind and being himself the charming breeze of self-control.

The wonderful peacock that is the ascetic shines in the forest, which is free from fear, in which there is the delicious fruit of liberation, and which captivates the mind with its tender leaves in the form of pure knowledge.