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Similarity Between Teachings Of Thiruvalluvar And Saint Vallalar

Thiruvalluvar says that envy, desires, anger and harsh words are to be avoided and that avoidance of these constitutes dharma. Envy, desires, anger and harsh words are among the seven sins enumerated by Saint Vallalar.

Vallalar speaks strongly against miserliness, and Thiruvalluvar says that he, who does not give generously to others, will lose his carefully guarded wealth. Does he not know the joy that lies in giving, asks Thiruvalluvar.

Laziness, which Vallalar lists as one of the seven great sins, is condemned by Thiruvalluvar too. Thiruvalluvar says that the family of the lazy man will perish because of his sloth. Another verse in the Thirukkural says that the reputation of the family of a lazy man will be tarnished by his lazy ways.

Regarding envy, Thiruvalluvar says that being free of envy is the biggest blessing a man can have. He further says that the Goddess of wealth turns away from the envious man. Envious feelings are like poisonous weeds. If we do not uproot such thoughts from our mind, they will drive out pure thoughts.