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Ramayana Story – Angada Hitting And Sending Crowns Of Ravana To Bhagavan Sri Rama

The story of Angada, prince Angad, hitting and sending crowns of Ravana to Bhagavan Sri Rama is found in the Sri Ramacharitamanasa of Tulsidas. The incident is not mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayana. Angada was sent as an emissary by Rama to the court of Ravana to bring a peaceful end to the conflict by returning Mata Sita respectfully. Rama wanted to avoid war and this was conveyed by Angada who sang the glory of Rama and advised Ravana to avoid the war whose result was a foregone conclusion.

A proud and arrogant Ravana was angered by the words of Angada. He insulted Rama and the army of the Vanaras. Unable to bear the insults hurled at Rama by Ravana, Angada grew furious with rage and gave a loud yell and furiously struck both his mighty arms against the ground. The earth shook and members of the assembly were thrown off their seats and started running helter-skelter possessed by fear. The ten-headed Ravana too was about to topple down but recovered himself and stood up. But his beautiful crowns fell to the ground; six of them he took and set back on his heads. But four came near Angada and they were sent flying to Bhagavan Sri Rama who was camping on the outskirts of the palace of Ravana.

The Vanara army fled when they saw the crowns coming. They thought meteors were falling during daytime. Some monkeys thought Ravana had hurled four thunder bolts at the Vanara army. Some shouted it was Rahu and Ketu coming towards them.

Bhagavan Sri Rama smiled and told the Vanara army that they are neither thunderbolts nor meteors or Rahu and Ketu but crowns of Ravana dispatched by Prince Angada.