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Moh Boli – Buffalo Sacrifice – At Kamakhya Devi Temple In Guwahati – Assam

Moh Boli, buffalo sacrifice, is offered mainly during Durga Puja (October). Muh boli is performed on Durga Puja Saptami, Ashtami and Navami by the temple. Another important day the offering is made during Dakshinayana Sankranti in July – also known as Dakshinavarti Kali puja.

Moh boli is not offered along it is to be offered along with four other sacrifices and is together known as Pancha boli. The five sacrifices are that of catfish (magur maas), goat, sugarcane, kumura (ash gourd) and buffalo.

A rare and important item that is part of the moh boli puja is fruit of sal kumara, a white-barked, fig-like tree.

Apart from the above said dates when temple itself performs moh boli puja, devotees can perform the ritual on any day but with prior permission of the panda. The person performing Moh boli is known as jajman. The pandas guide the jajman through the puja and direct the person who to do the puja, what to wear, what to eat etc.

Moh Boli puja is also performed during Mahashivratri and Bohag Bihu (April 15).