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Kolamvettu Dance Ritual In Bhagavathy Temples

Kolamvettu (കോലംവെട്ട്) is a ritual or anushtana kala held in Bhagavathy temples in Kerala. Kolam Vettu is based on Goddess Kali killing demon Darikasura. The ritual is performed by Theyyambadi Kuruppanmar.

Two people who adorn the role of Darika and Goddess Kali engage in a battle. The person adorning the role of Goddess Bhagavathy fights using a curved sword. The demon defends using a sword.

Darika then starts mocking and abusing the Goddess. The Goddess now enters into an angry trance and chases the demon by holding trident (trishul) and sword. The demon runs away and hides.

The anger of Goddess Bhagavathi subsides and the demon returns back. Goddess Bhagavathy then attacks the demons and throws his crown down.

Kolamvettu ritual comes to an end when the crown of the demon is pulled down by Goddess Bhagavathy.