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Dreaming Of Zombies Chasing Me – Meaning

Dreaming zombies chasing me is very common thanks to Hollywood movies. Such dreams really have no meaning. There are no such things as zombies in nature. But if you are seeing zombies chasing you in dream without watching any movies etc. then it has meaning and significance. Here is the interpretation of such meaning

Dreaming of zombies chasing you means you will see return of old problems. A secret of yours will be exposed. You might face embarrassing situations. You might be shamed or strangers might chase you.

Zombie as per dream interpretation and meaning means a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force. It also means a spirit that reanimates a dead body.

If you see a zombie chasing me dream naturally (that is not after watching movie or reading etc) then it means you will be facing health issues, relationship trouble and death like situation in near future.

Dreaming of a group of zombies means you will make enemies soon.

Dream of family member or friend or relatives becoming a zombie and chasing you means your friends or relatives might turn against you.

Dream of zombie chasing you in an unknown location means death in family. It also means accident, bite by animals or reptiles and accident due to fire or metal.