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Dreaming Of Studying Law – Meaning

Dreaming of studying law is a positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will take up an unfinished work and complete it. It also means taking studies that you had discontinued and completing it. It also means not satisfied with current career and you will try to improve upon it by studying something that might add on to your resume. Dreams of studying law and you are seen angry or violent means you will decide to take revenge or avenge an insult.

Dream of studying law in an unknown place means change of residence. It also means going to a new place as part of studies and work.

Dreaming of studying law and you do not like law or you are not even remotely related to legal matters means your will pressurized to learn or study or do something that you hate. It also means other people deciding what is good for you.

Dreams of studying law and you are seen happy in the dream means opportunity to do something in a subject you like. It also means doing something meaningful and interesting.