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Dreaming Of Revenge – Meaning

Dreaming of revenge is a sign of conflict as per dream interpretation and meaning. You need to be careful while dealing with people. Avoid getting angry and try to see a bigger picture not narrow down just to the present moment. Dreams of revenge means you will be overpowered by anger. There will be no proper thinking. The dream is asking you to slow and down and face life with maturity.

Dream of revenge and you know the person means you will be cheated or you might be wronged. The dream means you will face problems in your relationships.

Dreaming of revenge and you see strangers means incidents in a public place that might bring shame or legal problems. The dream is a kind of warning and asking you to avoid any situation that involves confrontation.

Dreaming of revenge and you are happy or all smiling means you will get opportunity to defeat your enemies. You will overcome competition. It also means mental satisfaction but it will be short lived.