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Dreaming Of Revelry – Meaning

Dreaming of revelry is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dreams of buying potato chips and you are happy means you will have a period of happiness, fun and there will get together, party or picnic. It also means surprising someone on birthday or anniversary or success. Dream of revelry and you are tired or shabbily dressed means tension or unexpected problem and eating junk food to overcome depression or sadness. It also means forced to conduct a sudden party or program.

Dreams of revelry it is in a strange place means not listening to good advice or your inner voice and getting into trouble. It also means jumping into something without thinking.

Dream of revelry and you are not seen in the dream means your family will take advantage of your absence and do things that you have put restriction on. It also means others misusing your absence in workplace or factory.

Dreaming of revelry and you are not participating in it means sudden reversal of fortune. It also means people creating trouble in your life through their selfish actions.

Dreams of revelry and there is color and you are seeing dancing etc. means change of luck. It also means partying and eating too much of something.