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Dreaming Of Reuniting With Family – Meaning

Dreaming of reuniting with family is a good omen and is positive as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means a fresh start and opportunity to come out of your current situation and also clear things up. It is also asking you shed some baggage you are carrying and be free. Dreams of reuniting with family means there will be happy occasions, get together and meeting of old friends or relatives in near future. It also means lucky escape from a near death situation.

Dream of reuniting with family and you are happy means there will be positive changes in life - new people and new happenings. It also means leaving something back and getting back to good things.

Dreaming of reuniting with family and if you wake up terrified or crying means your past will come to haunt you. People or incident that you wanted to forget will return back. You will feel like you want to go back to your family or a place of freedom and comfort. It also means ignoring good advice of family causing trouble.

Dreams of reuniting with family in an unknown place means you are not being honest with yourself. You are unhappy with your current life. You will wish to run away from your life and restart all over again somewhere else. It also means family coming to your rescue in a distant place.

Dreams of reuniting with family and you are disheveled or injured is a warning sign about accidents or tragedy in near future.