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Dreaming Of Liminal Spaces – Meaning

Dreaming of liminal spaces is a bad omen and a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will not think properly about something and get into trouble. It also means you will enter a stage of transition and there will too much changes taking place around you and you will not be able to handle lit. Dreams of liminal spaces also means entering spooky places or getting trapped in a strange place.

Dream of liminal spaces and you are just walking and never reaching a door or end means visiting empty or abandoned places. It also means walking on long corridors aimlessly. It also means getting influenced by strange ideas and thoughts.

Dreaming of liminal spaces and you are seen crying or running aimlessly means abuse or return of an incident or person what you wanted to forget. It is a warning sign and you should talk with people you trust or to proper authorities about your condition.

Dreaming of liminal spaces and you are happy in the dream means you will embrace solitude. It also means doing something which other people might consider as weird.