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Dreaming Of Liking Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of liking someone is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will show courage to reveal your true feelings to someone. It also means being confident and showing boldness to express something you always wanted to do. Dreams of liking someone also means you will decide to get married. It also means you will get carried away by a situation.

Dream of liking someone and you wake up terrified or sad means a secret relationship of yours will be exposed. It also means you will do something in near future that you will regret.

Dreaming of liking someone and you are happy you will have desire fulfillment. It also means you will get into a steady relationship.

Dreams of liking someone and you see other people in the dream mean a risk taken gone bad. It also means embarrassment or scandal.

Please note that usually such dreams happen as a result of intense activity on the same subject during day time. Then the dream has no meaning. The dream to have a meaning it should happen naturally without any daytime influence.