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Dreaming Of Lidocaine – Meaning

Dreaming of lidocaine is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means being drowsy or unconscious in near future. It also means doing something silly to get a temporary relief and it will complicate the matters. Dreams of lidocaine also means small surgery or removal of something from body for relief. It also means an external factor causing physical distress. It also means dental related problems.

Dream of lidocaine and you are lonely means unable to remember what happened on a previous day. It also means getting inebriated.

Dreaming of lidocaine and you see other people looking at you or laughing at you means you will fall for a prank. It also means enemies being active. It also means using a medicine without reading about its after effects. The dream is also a sign of embarrassment and shameful incident in near future.

Dreams of lidocaine and you are seen in a unreal world or flying etc. means stress and tension causing difficulties in your life. You will do something to get away temporarily from your current life.