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Dreaming Of Levitating Objects – Meaning

Dreaming of levitating objects is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sudden opportunity and a happy surprise. It also means you will be finally rewarded for your hard work and persistence. Dreams of levitating objects and you wake up worried or terrified or crying means you will face reversal of fortune. It also means something or someone you trusted might go away from your life.

Dream of levitating objects and it is taking in a strange place means you will come under the influence of fantasy or mythology. It also means you will build a world of your own to keep out stress and tension.

Dreaming of levitating objects and you know things means loss of valuables or damage to them due to carelessness.

Dreams of levitating objects and you have never seen the objects before means accidents or getting hurt by objects. It also means you expected something but you got something else. It also means things getting misplaced or exchanged.