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Dreaming Of Grey Elephant – Meaning

Dreaming of grey elephant is a good omen as dream interpretation and meaning. It means a difficult problem in your life will go away. It means removal of obstacles and impediments. The dream also means desire fulfillment and opportunity to achieve success. Dreams of grey elephant in water is associated with travel, new relationship and friendship with people in authority.

Dreaming of grey elephants fighting each other means you will have to play the role of a mediator. You might

Dream of grey elephant is a sign of hope and the dream is asking you to come out of your comfort zone and take risk. It also means to become illogical and try to follow your dreams.

Dream of grey elephant playing with sand is a sign of happy occasions. It also means there will be new direction to your life.

Dreaming of grey elephant eating bark of tree or pulling down leaves means something that was abandoned will be restarted and it will show amazing gains.

Dream of several grey elephants together is a sign that you will be protected by someone. You will get help from unexpected people.