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Dreaming Of Green Color – Meaning

Dreaming of green color is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is associated with prosperity, growth, health and return to nature. It also means pregnancy and child birth. The dream also means you will have a better future and there will be new job or better relationship. Dreams of you getting overpowered by green color is a sign of greed causing your downfall.

Dreams of green color and you are seen happy means desire fulfillment. There will be a period of harmony and peace. You will get opportunity to relax, take a vacation and stay away from toxic life.

Dreams of green color going towards sky or moving upwards means new found energy. You will recognize and understand the positive aspects of life. It also means you will make good decisions.

Dreams of green color thrown at you and you wake up angry or terrified or crying means you will cause harm to your career and relationships through jealousy and you will be unhappy with your status and will try to become someone else.

Dream of green color and you see family members or friends or people you love means you will get help. It also means reassurance and safety. There will be hope.