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Dreaming Of Eggs On A Tree – Meaning

Dreaming of eggs on a tree is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means progress and happiness. It also means sudden discovery of something exciting. You will also hear news about pregnancy or child birth. Dreams of eggs on a tree also means nature is calling you to spend time – a signal to take a break from hectic city life.

Dream of eggs on a tree and you are seen trying to lift it up means getting into unwanted situations. You should avoid trespassing or getting into unwanted places. The dream is asking you to mind your business and not to disturb something in its natural environment.

Dreaming of eggs on a tree and it is taking place in a strange world means you will prefer fantasy better than reality. It also means set backs and disappointment in life.

Dreams of eggs on a tree and they are jumping up and down or doing something weird means you will witness something extraordinary and people might not believe you. You will find it hard to convince people.