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Dreaming Of Egg Shells – Meaning

Dreaming of egg shells is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will drop something accidently and this will result in a major loss. It also means trouble due to negligence. Dreams of egg shells are a warning sign and the dream is asking you to be careful and avoid all kinds of risks in near future.

Symbolically, egg shells mean disappointment, lack of success and damage.

Dream of egg shells and you are not seen in the dream means something you cared for very much or had invested a lot will be broken by someone. It also means you not being informed about something bad that had happened in your absence. It can also mean you not witnessing the final act of something.

Dreaming of egg shells and you wake up terrified or sad means trouble to someone who is pregnant in your family. It also means birth related complications in the family.

Dreams of egg shells and you wake up laughing or happy means some project you had invested your time and energy will be successful. It also means successful birth. Fun and happy times in near future.

Dream of egg shells and it is at an unknown place means theft. It also means someone making use of your things without your permission.