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Dreaming Like I am Pregnant – Meaning

Dreaming like I am pregnant is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is trying to warn you about your life decisions and friends. It is asking you to be cautious. Dreams like I am pregnant usually happens after you had done something that is pricking your conscious or you have doubts about the consequence of an action of yours.

Dreaming like I am pregnant and you are scared or crying means you might face unexpected problems in life due to a bad decision you made recently.

For some reason you are happy in the dream then it means you will achieve success in an endeavor. You might get the expected result from a work you had done earlier. It also means desire fulfillment.

If you are unhappy after the dream then it means you need to rethink about your friends and relationships. It also means you should not fall for sweet words and emotions.

Please note that the dream should happen naturally to have a meaning and not after thinking or reading or seeing similar incidents during day time.