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Chirattakotti Theyyam – Story – Information

Chirattakotti theyyam kolam is a rare theyyam seen during the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam festival in Kannur and Kasaragod regions of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is based on a folklore. Some believe it to be a person who lived during ancient times. As per Chirattakotti theyyam, this is a Mantra Moorthi theyyam. The theyyam made its appearance in a particular tharavadu and to keep it calm a place of worship was given. To keep the Mantra Moorthi happy and to get its blessings a theyyam is performed annually.

Chirattakotti theyyam is performed annually at Kasargod Cherkala Paadi Meethale Veedu Kamalon Tharavad Devasthanam temple along with Karukalaki theyyam on March 7 night.