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Akavoor Chathan Story

Akavoor Chathan is one among the 12 persons in the famous Parayi Petta Panthirukulam. He was the servant of Akavoor Mana near Chowara and therefore he got the name Akavoor Chathan. He is also known as Kalpanappalli Raman.

It is said that once a Namboothiri went to Kashi to take bath in the Ganga River as part of sin redemption. Akavoor Chathan gave a churakka (a kind of gourd vegetable) and asked the Namboothiri to dip the vegetable in the Ganga River and return it back to him. The Namboothiri returned with the vegetable after performing the holy dip and gave it to Chathan. He cooked the vegetable and reported to the Namboothiri that the vegetable was bitter and therefore sin redemption did not happen. One needs to do introspection and repent and do the necessary correctional activities for sin redemption. Sin redemption does not happen by visiting sacred places.

Once a Brahmin was performing Parabrahma pooja. Chathan asked the Brahmin what kind of form Parabrahma has. The Brahmin contemptuously told Chathan that he looks like a male buffalo (Madan Pothu). Chathan did intense penance and it is said that Bhagavan appeared before him in the form of a madan pothu.

Akavoor Chathan then visited Oachira temple and here took part in an annual battle and got killed. It must be noted here that Oachira temple is dedicated to Parabrahma.

Parayi Petta Panthirukulam, is a popular story in Kerala. According to this folktale, Vararuchi, one of the nine wise men of Emperor Vikramaditya’s (57 BCE- 78 AD) court married Panchami, a girl belonging to Paraya, a lower caste. The couple set out a long pilgrimage. On the way, they were blessed with 12 children but all the children were abandoned by the father and they were brought up by people belonging to different profession. Akavoor Chathan is one among the 12 children. It is believed that he was brought up by a farmer and later became a caretaker.