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Aghora Mantra - Words - Benefits

Aghora Mantra is dedicated to Aghoramurthy form of Shiva. The rishi of this mantra is Aghoran, Chandas is Trishtup and God is Aghora Rudra. There are 51 letters in Aghora Mantra.

Aghora Mantra words

Om Hreem Sphura Sphura Prasphura
Ghora Ghorathara Thanuroopa
Chad Chad Prachad Prachad
Kaha Kaha Vam Vamah
Bandha Bandha Ghataya Ghataya Hum Phat

The Bija Akshara of the mantra is Om Hreem and the mantra should always be chanted along with the Bija Akshara.

As per Agni Purana, among the 7 crore mantras this one is the best.

Benefits Of Aghoramantra

It is believed that chanting Aghora Mantra 100,000 times will help achieving Mantra Siddhi. Chanting Aghora Mantra daily and then wearing Bhasma on forehead will help in overcoming health issues, overcoming horoscope related problems and sin redemption. It also chanted daily to achieve fame, prosperity and respect.