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Adikal Community In Kerala

Adikal community in Kerala are a priestly class. As per Kerala Kavyam of Kodungallur Kunjikuttan Thampuran, the community were Shakteyas (Shakti worshippers). They lost being part of Brahmin community as they employed the use liquor and meat in their pujas. They were also known as Madhu Brahminar.

Although they had lost their Brahmanyam, they perform Upanayanam and Gayatri Japa like other Brahmins. They still perform Pushpanjali in certain Goddess Bhadrakali temples.

Adikal who reside in the northernmost part of Kerala are sub-community of the Nair community. As per some scholars, they belong to the Ambalavasi community. The female of this community are referred to as Adiyasaru or Adisyaru. They used to wear ornaments worn by Brahmin women but they did not hold olakkuda or the traditional Kerala umbrella.

Adikal followed Marumakkathayam.