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Aadi Pooram Food Offering At Chennai Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple

Aadi Pooram, dedicated to Shri Andal, is observed on the Pooram nakshatra day in Tamil Aadi Masam (July – August). A special food offering or naivedyam is made at the Chennai Triplicane Parthasarathy temple.

The Aadi Pooram food offering consists of – 108 kilograms of rice mixed with curd. The curd rice is spread on a large wooden plan. A pot filled with payasam (rice flavored with jaggery) is place in the centre of the curd rice. Fruits like apple, grapes, bananas and dry fruits like cashew nuts, grapes, almonds and pistachios are spread on the curd rice in large quantities.

A large namam (tilak on the forehead of Vaishnava devotees) is made from fresh white butter, pomegranates, dates and apples on the curd rice. It is then offered to Parthasarathy.