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With Unity There Remains No Antagonism

Dnyaneshwari states that true wisdom is that, by which all troublesome activities melt away. The seer and the seen are united in one, and self (Jiva) ascends the throne of Brahman. No more powerful means of attaining Brahman is known. Knowledge of Self is the highest path. Seekers after wisdom subordinate everything else to this search.

Complete affection arises in whatever is liked very much and the mind never ceases to dwell on this. Such is the compelling power of love. Hence the seeker, who has not the strength of actual experience is led along this path by his spontaneous desire for attaining wisdom. He finds out how to do it, and then makes the attempt with increasing intensity. But there are difficulties which prevent the dawn of wisdom, and which drag away a person into error, when wisdom has actually dawned. These have been enumerated and there are other factors, which assist in this path. They also need enumeration. The description, which is given below, is of divine wealth.

These are the possessions, which enable one to attain wisdom. They help on the path of liberation. They shed the light of duty (Dharma) in the darkness of delusion. Wealth does not consist of one thing. It consists of many things which help one another and conjointly constitute wealth. Similarly qualities, which increase the happiness of self, are collectively called divine wealth, because each of them is divine.

In these divine qualities that, which stands foremost is non-fear (Abhaya). He, who does not jump in the floods, need not be afraid of being drowned. He, who observes rules of health, will remain healthy. Similarly he, who on all occasions of activity and inactivity will not entertain the sense of "I" (Ahankar), need have no fear in this world. Thus when the sense of unity has dawned and when everybody else appears as part of Self, how can the feeling of fear arise? When salt is put in the water, it becomes water. So with unity, there remains no antagonism.