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Vishakandan Theyyam – Story – Information

Vishakandan Theyyam kolam is a unique theyyam and is performed only in a single sacred place in Kannur district of Kerala. As per information, this theyyam is performed early morning hours (4 AM) on Thulam 10 (October 27) at Kolachery Sree Chathampalli Vishakandan temple and is also known as Chathampalli Vishakanda theyyam. As per Vishakandan Theyyam story, the theyyam is of a young man who was renowned for treating poison related health issues especially related to snake and other reptile bites.

There was a famous physician named Kumarathilathu Namboothiri. He was renowned for curing snake bites. One day he declared a woman who was bitten by snake as dead. When the body was taken for cremation, Kandan, who belonged to Thiyya caste, requested the people to see the dead body. When he saw the dead body, he realized that the woman was not dead. He asked the body to placed in a nearby pond and asked the relative to lift up the body when they see bubbles coming from the pond. Kandan then climbed a coconut tree and started chanting the kolakkaruthu mantra. Soon bubbles appeared from the pond and the relatives lifted up the body of the woman. The woman was alive and she immediately got up.

Kandan became very famous and people started taking snake bitten victims to him. This made Kumarathilathu Namboothiri jealous. He decided to murder Kandan. The Namboothiri invited Kandan to his house for food. While returning back, Kandan was hacked to death by the servants of the Namboothiri.

Kandan started roaming around the house of Kumarathilathu Namboothiri. There were numerous inauspicious events in the house. Finally, astrologers were summoned who sighted the presence of Kandan in the house. As a solution, a theyyam kolam of Kandan was to be performed annually.