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Vaidyarachan Theyyam – Story – Information

Vaidyarachan Theyyam is a rare theyyam seen during the annual theyyam kaliyattam thira festival in Kannur and Kasaragod regions of Kerala. As per information, this is a male theyyam and is that of a famous traditional physician and sorcerer. As per Vaidyarachan theyyam story, he was the karnavar or the head of Kottila Veedu Tharavadu in Ramanthali. It is said that he could even bring back the dead through his medicines. He was also a powerful sorcerer who could bring various mantra moorthis into the kalam (or sacred place). He was an ardent devotee of the Vaidyanatha form of Mahadeva Shiva. One day as per the directions of Vaidyanatha, his personal deity, he burned all his books. He mixed the ashes in water and drank it and disappeared. In honor of the divine physician, a theyyam is performed annually.