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Sreekandapuram Nidiyenga Sree Melalikkavu Temple – Theyyam – Kaliyattam Festival

Sreekandapuram Nidiyenga Sree Melalikkavu temple at Sreekandapuram in Kannur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to worship of Nagas and other deities. The annual theyyam-thira festival in the temple is held for a in Chinga Masam – Chingam 25 (September 10).

The main theyyam performed in this temple are Shambonjiyar and Theyyathar or Daivathar.

An important ritual in the temple is breaking coconuts to overcome Naga Dosham. Melalikkavu is a sacred grove and is famous for numerous medicinal plants. The pujas and rituals in the temple are unique.

Shambonjjyyar Theyyam kolam (ശംഭോഞ്ഞ്ജ്യാർ) is only performed in this shrine.