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Shambonjjyyar Theyyam Kolam – Information – Story

Shambonjjyyar Theyyam kolam (ശംഭോഞ്ഞ്ജ്യാർ) is a rare theyyam performed couple of months before the annual theyyam thira kaliyattam season begins in Kannur region on Thulam 10. The theyyam is also referred to as Shamboliyar (ശംബോലിയാര്‍). As per information, this theyyam is only performed at the Sreekandapuram Nidiyenga Sree Melalikkavu temple. Shambonjjyyar Theyyam kolam is associated with a person attaining divine status. The theyyam is associated with Naga worship, snake bite cure and overcoming Naga dosham in horoscope.

Shambonjjyyar Theyyam kolam is performed annually on Chingam 25 (September 10).