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Ramachandrapuram Mutyalamma Temple Jatara Festival 2024 In Ashada Month

Ramachandrapuram Mutyalamma temple is located Ramachandrapuram in Andhra Pradesh and is famous for its annual Jatara festival held in Ashada month (July – August). There are a couple of Mutyalamma temples in the town and thousands of people participate in the annual events. Ashada month 2024 in Andhra Pradesh is from July 6 to August 4.

During the Jatara period, the main deity worshipped in the temple is carried to the houses in the town and she blesses the devotees. This is a unique tradition and the people clean their houses in advance and decks it up to invite the Goddess into their homes. It is believed that the arrival of Goddess to the house will usher in auspiciousness, good health and prosperity. People offer prayers to the deity for desire fulfillment and for a peaceful and prosperous life.

Tuesdays and Fridays in Ashada month are of great significance in the temple. A grand procession is held on the main festival day with Garaga dancers. The major highlight of the festival is various floats and people personifying various deities from Hindu pantheon. Villagers offer blouse cloth, turmeric powder and Kumkum (sindhur) to the deity.