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Kayyoor Alanthatta Madavathikkal Temple – Theyyam Kaliyattam Festival

Kayyoor Alanthatta Madavathikkal temple is located at Kayyur in Kannur district of Kerala. This is a Tharavadu Devasthanam temple (family-owned temple). This temple is famous for a two-day Theyyam Kaliyattam festival held in Thulam month (October – November) – Thula Masam 20 and 21.

The theyyams performed in this temple are Achan Daivam, Vishnumurthy theyyam, Gulikan theyyam, Kanakkara Bhagavathi theyyam, Mecheri Chamundi theyyam and Madayil Chamundi theyyam.

The theyyam festival at Kayyor Alanthatta Madavathikkal temple is held annually from November 6 to November 7.