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Huskur Jatre 2024 Date – Madduramma Devi Temple Festival Huskuru

Madduramma Devi Temple Festival at Huskuru is famous as the Huskur Jatre and is famous for the huge pagoda type chariots (locally known as Kurju) pulled to temple from the surrounding regions. Huskur Jatre 2024 date is from April 4 to April 7. The festival is also famous for a cattle fair. Bulls, cows and other livestock are sold during the period. The festival is also famous for a well-organized fair and display of bulls.

The annual festival is held from last Thursday to Sunday in Phalgun month (March – April). Devotees come across the country to see the tall Kurjus (a decorated frame on a slightly raised platform for placing murtis).

This is an ancient jatre and has a history of more than 500 years. Earlier, nearly hundred chariots used to take part in the festival. Now the number has dropped to just 3 or 4 chariots. One of the main reasons for the lesser number of chariots nowadays are due to a railway electric line. It is now impossible for the surrounding villages to pull the tall chariots to the temple due the railway electric line.

The original festival was agrarian in nature and was famous as an annual cattle fair. Farmers from around the region came to sell and by livestock especially cows and bulls. A special feature of the fair is the display of huge bulls.

Madduramma Devi is a powerful form of Mother Goddess Shakti and she is believed to cure communicable diseases like poxes and cholera. It is believed that an epidemic during the start of the 20th century ended quickly after offering prayers to the Goddess in the shrine.