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History Of Balkampet Yellamma Temple In Hyderabad

Balkampet Yellamma temple in Hyderabad, India, is dedicated to Goddess Yellamma Devi, who is also known as Jala Durga and Renuka Devi. The shrine is also known as Renuka Devi temple. The temple has a history of more than 700 years and the murti of Goddess worshipped in the temple existed before civilization. As per historical records, the murti of Goddess Yellamma Devi worshipped in the temple was discovered 10 feet below ground while digging for a well during the 15th century CE. The digging was stopped and attempts to move the murti which is in a reclining position failed therefore a temple was constructed around the murti.

The temple has undergone multiple renovations. The current structure was built in 1919 CE.

The murti of the Goddess in the sanctum sanctorum is positioned 10 feet below ground level, earning her the name Jala Durga, meaning Goddess Durga residing in water. The murti is surrounded by water springs. The water is believed to have curative properties and is given to devotees as prasad.

There is a small temple towards south side dedicated to Goddess Pochamma Devi. The two important annual festivals in the temple are Ammavari Kalyanam and Bonalu. Sunday, Tuesday and Frida are important days in a week to worship the Goddess.

To have darshan of the Goddess one has to climb down a few steps. The murti of Goddess Yellamma is seen in a reclining position, clad in gold and decorated lovingly and embellished with jewelry, flowers, Kumkum etc. There is an Akhand Jyoti in the temple.