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During Cyclone Two Flags Are Hoisted Atop Dwarkadhish Jagat Temple In Dwarka

Whenever there is a cyclonic storm in Arabian Sea, two flags are hoisted atop the main sanctum sanctorum of Dwarkadhish Jagat Temple dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna in Gujarat. The belief is that widespread damage due to cyclone is averted by hoisting two flags. A flag of 52 yards is hoisted daily atop the temple.

Aboti Brahmins hoist the two flags simultaneously atop the temple during a cyclone. The flags are changed daily.

It is believed that the 52-yard flag represents 27 Nakshatras, 12 Rashis, 10 directions, Surya, Chandra and Sri Dwarakadish.

Dwarkadhish temple has five pinnacles and atop each a flag is hoisted daily.

It must be noted here that the original Dwarka city of Bhagavan Sri Krishna is submerged under the Arabian Sea. When Bhagavan Sri Krishna left earth the sea had swallowed the city of Dwaraka.