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Dreaming Of Repentance – Meaning

Dreaming of repentance is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will regret an action of yours. You might blurt out or say something that will cause deep fissures in a relationship. The dream means you will be unhappy that you did not do something at the appropriate time. It also means you will hear unfortunate news about someone you love and you had not been there when they needed you most. Dreams of repentance also means you will regret not having done something in near future. It also means you not fulfilling a desire of someone you love and the person taking drastic measures.

Dream of repentance at an unknown place means misfortune in life due to bad decision. Your will face difficult situations in career and there will be health issues. It also means negligence and carelessness by you causing hardship.

Dream of repentance and you see other family members means ignoring health issues that is already present in your family and this resulting in problems. It also means an action of you causing shame and harm to your family members.

Dreaming of repentance and you see strangers in the dream means problems from outsiders. You will have to confront strangers and protect yourself or others. It also means acting angrily or strongly and then not feeling good about it.