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Dreaming Of Rejecting Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of rejecting someone is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means your good intentions will be misunderstood. It also means people mistaking your friendship or genuine concern. Dreams of rejecting someone and the person is a total stranger means people following you without you knowing. It also means your admirers will directly approach you.

Dream of rejecting someone and you know the person means a relationship giving you trouble. It also means you will find better prospects or will have higher ambitions.

Dreams of rejecting someone and you wake up scared is a warning sign that you will be forced to do something. It also means hurting someone you love to please someone else.

Dreaming of rejecting someone and it is taking place in a strange place means someone will try to take advantage of your situation. It also means trouble in a new place from people who think you are vulnerable.