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Dreaming Of Real Life Situations – Meaning

Dreaming of real life situations is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will be in state of confusion in near future and regret a decision. There will be disappointments and frustration. It also means you will do something unwillingly. Dream of real life situations and you wake up terrified means you will not have the will power to say no to something you know is wrong.

Dream of real-life situations means emotional issues. You will face crisis in life and will need help from a friend. The dream also means you will misunderstand a situation completely and as a result your words and actions will cause problems.

Dreaming of real life situations involving a person from opposite sex means a good relationship of yours will give wrong impression to others. It also means someone will try to take advantage of your crisis.

Dreams of real life situations and you see lot of other people and there is commotion means unexpected problems due to bad weather or natural calamities.

Dream of real life situations and there is no color and it is all weird means you will thirst for companionship. You will regret an action of yours.