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Dreaming Of Lioness – Meaning

Dreaming of lioness is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means fertility, good luck, better opportunity and success after patience and hard work. It also means you will have opportunity to witness something very rare in near future. Dreams of lioness and it is taking place in your locality or neighborhood means you will wish to live in fantasy world and not face reality.

Dream of lioness and it is hunting or attacking or eating means you might witness something violent involving animals. It also means travel to places famous for wild animals especially lions.

Dreaming of lioness with cubs means happiness due to birth family. It also means new birth or arrival of a new person ushering in happiness.

Dreams of lioness and you are seen talking to it or walking with it means you will prefer fantasy to reality. It means stress and tension resulting in you wishing for life to be a fantasy.