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Dreaming Of Lesbians – Meaning

Dreaming of lesbians is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means desire fulfillment especially related to same sex. It also means freedom and independent thoughts and actions. Dreams of lesbians and they are indulging in sex means witnessing something that will give you excitement. It also means not being honest with yourself. You wish to do something but not fulfilling it or attempting to do it because of fear.

Dream of lesbians and you know the people means a doubt of yours becoming true. It also means a friend surprising you with sexual preference.

Dreaming of lesbians and they are strangers means you will no longer be able to keep your feelings and urges in control. It will start disturbing your daily life. The dream also means visiting places that are more free and not regressive.

Dream of lesbians and you are one of them means courageously doing something. It also means traveling away from home to a place that is freer and more open regarding sexual preferences.