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Dreaming Of Lequipe – Meaning

Dreaming of lequipe (L'Équipe) is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means desire fulfillment especially related to sports provided you are ready to put in the hard work. It also means fame and name. Dreams of lequipe and you are seen throwing it away means disappointment. It means failure or financial loss due to betting or gambling.

Dream of lequipe and you are simply reading it means you will just do daydreaming and not work towards your success. It also means a period of leisure and staying away from work.

Dreaming of lequipe and you are seen celebrating means victory of your team. It also means happiness due to an external factor which will be short-lived.

Dreams of lequipe and you see famous sportspersons means opportunity to meet your idol. It also means meeting people whom you adore or watch constantly on television.

Dream of lequipe and you are angry means frustration at not achieving something. It also means failure despite your best efforts.