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Dreaming Of Leque – Meaning – Dream Of Leque Fan

Dreaming of leque fan is both negative and positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sitting in hot sun or facing warm climate in near future. It also means traveling and living in a place with no electricity. Dreams of leque and you are sitting in a crowd means witnessing a game or parade in a stadium.

Dream of leque and you see characters on it means change of luck and financial fortune. It also means better understanding among partners.

Dreaming of leque and it is torn and disheveled means bad luck. It also means clinging on to old things. It also means reliving old memories or return of a person whom you wished to never see again.

Dreams of leque and there is color and you are seen happy means desire fulfillment. It also means honor and success. There will be new relationships and a period of progress and peace.

Dream of leque and it is flying away or you are flying with it means travel. It also means opportunity to live your dream.