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Dreaming Of Leopards And Lions – Meaning

Dreaming of leopards and lions is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means rejuvenation and better understating regarding as to whom to trust and not to. It also means travel especially to forest. Dreams and leopards and lions together mean you will worship mother goddess for spiritual and material needs.

Dream of leopards and lions and you are present in the dream means misunderstanding. It also means you will enter into another person’s domain without their permission. It also means trying to take or possess something that is not yours.

Dream leopards and lions and you are not present in the dream means someone you love will be in trouble in a distant place. But you will be able to warn them about an upcoming difficulty.

Dreams of leopards and lions and they are just walking away or not bothered about you means you will attain serenity and realize your mistakes.

Dream of leopards and lions attacking means ignorance and prejudice causing damage. It also means you should not believe in hearsay and must only trust after verifying the facts. It also means property or wealth related disputes.