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Dreaming Of Lemongrass – Meaning

Dreaming of lemongrass is both negative and positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means some kind of interruption in the near future. It also means you will have happy occasions or there will be lot of cooking and experimenting with new cuisine. Dreams of lemongrass is also a warning sign about a particular disease which might require help of traditional medicine.

Dream of lemongrass and you are seen in the dream means you will have to bear someone or something for a short period so that you will have good results in future.

Dreaming of lemongrass and you see other people mean success and there will be auspicious functions in family.

Dreams of lemongrass and it is spread all over the place means opportunity to make wealth.

Dreaming of lemongrass and there are so many of it means you will create something new. It also means opportunity to make a hobby into a career.

Dream of lemongrass and you see it growing or you tending to it means interest in gardening.

Dream of lemongrass growing uncontrollably means laziness and not attending to something on time will result in huge problems. You will waste something that is good for you.