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Dreaming Of Lego – Meaning

Dreaming of Lego is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means gifts especially of toys. It also means getting time to do something that is stress free. It also means lot of free time and doing something that you always wanted to do. Dreams of Lego and it is scattered all around means you will find it difficult to control children. It also means additional responsibility in home with arrival of guests.

Dreaming of Lego and you see children means you will get time to spend with younger members of your family. It also means making someone happy.

Dream of Lego and you are unable to connect them or there are too many missing pieces means impatience will ruin a fun time. The dream is asking you to remain focused to achieve success.

Dreams of Lego and they are building on its own mean you will show too much interest in something that it will begin to bother your sleep.