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Dreaming Of Leg Hair – Meaning

Dreaming of leg hair is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means a shameful incident in life. It also means other people making fun of your body and you reacting in a violent way. Dreams of leg hair and you wake up all excited means you will develop a fetish for hair in various parts of body especially legs.

Dream of leg hair and you see it growing or full hair means you will soon see weird things. It also means joining a group having interest in kinky things. It also means befriending people with bizarre or deviant tastes.

Dreaming of leg hair and you see someone touching, playing or licking etc. means you will have physical connection with people having fetish interests.

Dream of leg hair and you are searching for something or shaving it off means you will be too busy in near future to take care of your beauty aspects. It also means a beauty treatment going wrong.