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Dreaming Of Left Behind By A Car

Dreaming of left behind by a car is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will miss out on something important by being late in near future. It also means you lose out an important appointment due to no fault of yours. Dreams of left behind by a car also mean you will get caught up in something and miss out on something important. It also means people forgetting about you. It also means fights and you being adamant and stubborn.

Symbolically, the dream means you will be absent minded and this will result in missing out on an opportunity. It also means prejudice and lack of discipline will cause damage. The dream also means you will assert your independence and take a different view from others.

Dream of left behind by a car and you know the place means you will be confused as to which one to select in near future. This confusion will result in last minute hurry or not getting anything.

Dreams of left behind by a car and you wake up terrified or angry means you will be late for something due to the carelessness of a relative or friend. You will have fights with strangers or relatives.

Dreaming of left behind by a car and the place is totally strange means accidents or problems in an unknown place. It also means you will have to stay in an unknown place for a longer period.