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Anger Of True Sannyasi In Hindu Religion

We see the mask of anger or some other undesirable quality in the True Sannyasi. But we forget that behind the mask resides the true man, the loving heart of the yogi. For the true yogi never hates, no matter how angry or cruel or unjust he may appear to us. Deep within his heart is love and compassion and good will for all men. It is well to understand this. For judged from our clouded and worldly understanding, no saint, no yogi, no incarnation of God would escape our adverse criticism.

Flaws we will find in every life, because our life is faulty. We are imperfect and therefore we cannot understand perfection. The boy did not know the mask and therefore he saw the tiger. But when we ourselves rise above joy and sorrow, good and evil, hatred and desire, then we will understand the play, because then we ourselves will be perfect.

Quite often a true sannyasi will use hatred and anger to keep away fortune seekers. Many devotees approach a holy man to gain something. We carry our bundle of desires and frustration to the holy person. A true sannyasi who has gone beyond the world of dualities will find such a person totally unacceptable. A true sannyasi has nothing to offer to a person who approaches him for desire fulfillment. A true sannyasi can only show the way to Supreme Truth not to treasures. To keep away such devotees, anger is often used by true sannyasis as a weapon.